American Member of Watchdog OSCE Killed In Ukraine

Ukraine opened a terror investigation Monday into a mine blast that killed an American medic from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe’s monitoring team in the country’s rebel-held east. Read more

US Charges 2 Terrorists For 2010 Murder of American Tourist

Charges were filed in the United States Thursday against two Palestinian terrorists jailed in Israel for the 2010 murder of a US citizen who was visiting the Jewish state. Read more

Bodies of Michael Sharp, 2 Others, Found In Congo

DAKAR, Senegal — Congolese authorities say the bodies of an American and a Swedish U.N. expert and their interpreter have been found in the Central Kasai region where they recently disappeared. Read more

American Michael Sharp Kidnapped In Democratic Republic of Congo

An American was abducted while working as a United Nations official in central Africa, his father told on Tuesday. Read more

American Father Of Divorce Refuser Avoids Jail Time, But Banned From Leaving Israel

The father of a US citizen who has denied his wife a “get,” a Jewish writ of divorce, for more than 14 years will avoid a jail sentence for the time being the Supreme Court of Justice ruled on Monday, although his ban from leaving Israel will remain in place. Read more

Israeli Rabbinical Court Punishes American For Son’s Divorce Refusal

In a first ruling of its kind, Israeli rabbinical authorities have seized the passport of an American businessman and barred him from leaving the country for more than a year claiming he is responsible for his son’s refusal to grant his wife a divorce. Read more

US Millionaire Jailed For 17 Years For Murdering Nadine Aburas In Hotel Room

A US businessman who murdered a British woman he met on an internet dating site has been jailed for life. Read more

Israeli Supreme Court Approves Law Targeting Americans Living In Israel

On Monday the Israeli Supreme Court upheld a law giving US tax authorities access to Israeli bank account information, rejecting claims by petitioners that the law violated personal privacy rights. Read more

U.S. Authorities Investigating Israeli Operations of Zurich-Based Credit Suisse

The Justice Department in the US is probing Credit Suisse bank to assess whether bank employees have helped clients in Israel to evade US taxes. Read more