Military Vet, Best-Selling Author Luis Carlos Montalvan Found Dead in Texas

Friends, family and fans are mourning the death of U.S. military veteran Luis Carlos Montalvan, who was known for his best-selling book about his struggle with post traumatic stress disorder. He was 43. Read more

US Military Used Israel’s ‘Roof Knock’ Tactic In Iraq To Warn Civilians Before Bombing

WASHINGTON – The United States borrowed an Israeli military tactic known as “roof knocking” to try to warn civilians before it dropped a bomb targeting Islamic State fighters in Iraq this month, but a woman was killed in the attack, a US military official said on Tuesday. Read more

Pro-Israel US Army Vet Runs For Congress – On Prosthetic Legs

Brian Mast likes to use the Israeli slang word achi. The Hebrew equivalent of “bro,” an endearment among young men, it’s not something one would expect to hear in conversation with a United States Congressional candidate. Read more

California – Secret Military Activity Forces LAX To Detour Night Flights For Coming Week

Mysterious military activity west of Los Angeles International Airport is forcing the airport–one of the nation’s busiest– to temporarily divert overnight landings and departures. Read more