Financial Criminals Can Hide Behind WhatsApp

When Moxie Marlinspike, the iconoclastic technologist, landed Hillary Clinton as a client of his encrypted messaging app last year, he hailed the event with trademark Silicon Valley idealism: “I think we have actually sort of won the future. Read more

Surveillance: German Police Ready To Hack WhatsApp Messages

German police will be able to use surveillance software by the end of the year that can hack into people’s smartphones and read encrypted messages in such services as WhatsApp, says a report that cites a leaked document. Read more

Facebook’s WhatsApp Blocked In China Amid Censorship Push

Facebook’s WhatsApp messaging service has been partially blocked in China, following a censorship crackdown by the government. Read more

How WhatsApp Exposes Your Information

One of the major advantages of the WhatsApp text, voice, photo and video messaging service is its end-to-end encryption of messages. Read more

BlackBerry, VoxSmart To Monitor WhatsApp Chat

BlackBerry has teamed up with a London start-up to help banks monitor traders that use WhatsApp and other encrypted messaging tools. Read more

WhatsApp Back After Worldwide Outage

WhatsApp is back up after suffering an outage that affected users around the world for hours. Read more

WhatsApp May Soon Let You Unsend Messages

WHATSAPP is reportedly preparing to rid the world of the scourge of embarassing messages. Read more

UK Home Secretary Calls For WhatsApp Access After Terror Attack

Encrypted messaging services like WhatsApp must make their platforms accessible to intelligence agencies, a top British security official declared Sunday amid reports that the Westminster attacker used the service minutes before his assault on Parliament. Read more

Security Flaw Discovered In WhatsApp

A security vulnerability has been uncovered in the web versions of the WhatsApp and Telegram messaging apps that could allow hackers to hijack users’ accounts “in seconds”. Read more