The Israeli Answer To WhatsApp Is Big In Eastern Europe and Iraq

Quietly avoiding all the buzz of young applications like WhatsApp, Snapchat or Facebook’s Messenger, the most popular Israeli app in the world is flourishing under the radar. Read more

Daughter of Satmar Hasidic Rabbi Heard About His Death on WhatsApp

The daughter of Hasidic leader Rabbi Yitzhak Rosenberg only found out about his untimely death via a WhatsApp message, haredi outlet Kikar HaShabbat reports Wednesday. Read more

WhatsApp Suspended In Brazil

The popular WhatsApp messaging service is not working in Brazil, apparently as a result of an ongoing judicial battle. Read more

WhatsApp To Encrypt Users’ Calls, Messages

WhatsApp is updating its messenger app so that every text and voice call on one of the world’s most popular apps will be protected with strong encryption – potentially putting millions more conversations outside the purview of authorities. Read more

Facebook, Google and WhatsApp Plan To Increase Encryption of User Data

Silicon Valley’s leading companies  including Facebook, Google and Snapchat  are working on their own increased privacy technology as Apple fights the US government over encryption, the Guardian has learned. Read more

WhatsApp’s Encryption Could Be The Subject Of The Next Justice Department Showdown

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Google and WhatsApp Stand By Apple In Fight Against FBI

Nearly 20 hours after Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said he would fight a court order directing him to help the FBI gain access to a murderer’s iPhone, only two tech heavyweights spoke out on the issue. Read more

Viznitz Hassidic Leaders Battle Against Smartphones and WhatsApp

The rabbinic leadership of several hassidic groups has in recent days been stepping up a campaign to implement strict restrictions and conditions on the use of smartphones within the community. Read more