Williamsburg Hasidic Man Convicted Of Gang Assault Beating of GAY Black Man

A Hasidic man was convicted of gang assault on Friday for taking part in a vicious attack on a gay black man in Brooklyn. Read more

DNA Expert Barred From Testifying For Orthodox Jewish Man Accused of Gang Assault GAY Black Man In Williamsburg

A Brooklyn judge has given the lawyer for an Orthodox Jewish man on trial for gang assault more time for an expert witness to challenge prosecutors’ key evidence in the case. Read more

Naftuli Moster: Taj Patterson’s Attackers Learned To Hate ‘Others’ Growing Up In An Insulated World

What Taj Patterson’s attackers would say to him if they knew how … Read more

Lawyers Challenge DNA Found on GAY Black Man Beaten By Orthodox Jews In Williamsburg

A defense attorney is expected Monday to challenge scientific evidence a mere speckle of DNA that prosecutors say connects an Orthodox Jewish man to the gang assault of a gay black man. Read more

Williamsburg Witness Testifies ‘It Was Complete Mayhem’ As Orthodox Jewish Group Attacked GAY Black Man

A Brooklyn DJ who was giving his friends a ride home after a gig testified Wednesday that he rescued a gay African-American man who was getting attacked by a group of Hasidic Jewish men. Read more

DNA Evidence Links Orthodox Jewish Shomrim Patrol Member To Vicious Beating of Gay Black Man In Williamsburg

DNA evidence links an Orthodox Jewish man to the senseless and vicious beating of a gay African-American man, prosecutors said on Monday. Read more

Williamsburg Hasidic ‘Hate Crime’ Attackers Get Probation, Community Service

Two gay-bashing members of the Orthodox neighborhood watchdog group Shomrim were sentenced to just three years probation and 150 hours community service Tuesday after they admitted to taking part in a vicious Williamsburg attack. Read more

Williamsburg Hasidic ‘Hate Crime’ Attackers Trying To Finagle Better Plea Deal

Two Shomrim thugs who dodged jail after beating a gay black man into a pulp are now trying to shirk the conditions of their plea deal. Read more

Taj Patterson,Gay, Black Man Who Attacked By Williamsburg Shomrim Patrol Gang Sues NYC

The far-too-cozy relationship between the NYPD, city officials, and Jewish safety patrols in Brooklyn led to the beating of a gay, black man in Williamsburg, an explosive new lawsuit to be filed in federal court Monday alleges. Read more