NYC Investigation Into If Yeshivas Are Breaking The Law Stalls

The city has blown its deadline for completing a politically explosive investigation into whether yeshivas are breaking the law by cutting out secular studies in favor of religious instruction. Read more

NYS Bill Would Require Yeshivas, Private Schools To Report Sex Abuse Allegations

Albany, NY – A Republican Assemblyman is pushing for passage of legislation which would require private school administrators to report allegations of sexual abuse. Read more

Monsey – FBI Returns To Ramapo Amid Fraud Investigations

MONSEY – The FBI returned to the Town of Ramapo Friday to serve more search warrants in connection with an ongoing fraud probe in the county. Read more

Ramapo: FBI Raid Targets Area With More Yeshivas Planned

RAMAPO – The Highview Road yeshiva raided during the FBI’s computer technology fraud investigation has long frustrated residents who now fear a potential proliferation of more yeshivas and some dormitories in the surrounding neighborhood. Read more

NYC To Investigate Standards of Secular Education At 38 Brooklyn Yeshivas

There was no science, no geography and no math beyond multiplication at the ultra-Orthodox Jewish school Chaim Weber attended. And the only time he ever heard of the American Revolution was when a seventh-grade teacher introduced it during “story time.” Read more