Tax Authority: Bar Refaeli and Her Mother Committed Tax Evasion

The tax evasion investigation against Bar Refaeli and her mother, Tzipi Refaeli, has reached its final stages and Tax Authority investigators believe they have enough evidence warranting criminal tax evasion charges.

The investigation into Bar Refaeli began in 2015 and since then, her mother and her have since been questioned six times and have categorically denied all allegations.

As opposed to the police who recommend whether or not to indict, the Tax Authority forwards the reports and evidence to the State Attorney without making a recommendation.

If the State Attorney decides to indict the two, they may exercise their right to a hearing, which the State Attorney will participate in.

Refaeli’s attorney, Udi Barzily, told Yedioth Ahronoth that his client has committed no crime.

“There is nothing in this case that warrants an indictment. This is all a civil matter and therefore, there will be no indictment.

There won’t be anything because there was nothing.”

The investigation is focusing on the years 2005, 2007-2009 and 2009-2012.

According to Refaeli’s lawyer, she was not a resident of the country because she was in Israel less than 183 days a year during that period and as such, was exempt from paying taxes for work abroad.

Refaeli is also suspected of receiving benefits and discounts due to her celebrity status in the form of luxury residential apartments and vehicles.

The value of the benefits exceed NIS 1 million, which are supposed to be reported as taxable income.

Tzipi Refaeli is also suspected of providing false tax reports to authorities, especially in regards to living arrangements for her daughter.

Refaeli lived at the YOO Towers in a rented apartment, but the contract was signed by her brother in order to make it appear she has no ties to Israel.

Later, Refaeli moved to the nearby W Towers where she lived for three years.

The contract for that apartment was signed by her mother in the same manner, even though it was the model who lived in the apartment.

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