Tech CEO Worth $820M Lives Out of A Tiny Airstream on A Vegas Trailer Park

A CEO with a cushy net worth of $820 million has opted for the simple life by living in a trailer park instead of a mansion.

Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, can afford to buy any type of abode that he fancies including the pick of prime real estate.

But Hsieh chooses to live in a Las Vegas trailer park that he owns according to The New York Times.

However, his trailer park doesn’t fit any negative stereotypes.

The ‘trailers’ are gorgeous silver Airstream caravans, which retail for $48,000 for a 2013 model and are lined up in a neat row.

And they’re home to like minds as the trailer park tends to attract silicon valley computer programmers who live in the trailer park temporarily.

Hsieh has nicknamed his trailer park ‘Llamapolis’ and he shares his trailer with his pet alpaca. It was a vacant lot before he snapped it up and it’s virtually unrecognizable since its makeover.

He’s even installed a community campfire and a shared kitchen housed in a shipping container, according to Las Vegas Weekly.

The innovative head of online retail giant Zappos has used $350 million to invest in downtown Las Vegas to make it a more attractive to investors and not just people who want to gamble.

Hsieh, CEO of retail giant Zappos for 16 years wants to attract more business minds to the area.

Before joining Zappos, the Harvard graduate co-founded the internet advertising networking site LinkExchange. He sold this company to Microsoft for $265 million in 1999.

He invested the money he made from that sale into Zappos and became its chief executive in 1999. He then showed off his ability to capitalize on his investment by flogging the company to Amazon for $1.2 billion in 2009.

Born in Illinois and raised in San Francisco, he is first generation Taiwanese American. Both of his parents were born in Taiwan and then emigrated to America.

In the past, Hsieh has been named as one of the most frugal millionaires in the business community.

He also appears to be ahead of the curve on internet business trends.

Erik Moore, an early Zappos investor, told Business Insider: ‘Money is just a way for Tony to get to his endgame.’

‘Money just doesn’t matter to him. If he only had a million dollars left, he’d spend $999,999 to make Vegas work.

‘He would be just as happy with a dollar in the bank and being around people he cares about and care about him.’

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