Teen, 16, In Coma Near Death After Taking ‘Red Skull’ Ecstasy

A Scottish teen had an eye-opening experience last week after she suffered life-threatening side effects from a drug she tried at a party.

Shannon Henderson, 16, was given a 50/50 chance of survival after taking a “Red Skull” ecstasy pill at a Glasgow concert last Thursday, the Daily Record reports.

Two of Henderson’s friends found her unconscious at the party and took her to the hospital where doctors told the teen her organs were deteriorating and she would need further medical examination.

Henderson, who was released from the hospital four days later, took to social media to immediately alert others of the harmful effects of the drug.

In the post, she wrote:

“This has made me realize how dangerous drugs are.

I am a very lucky girl … I am so sorry for putting all my family and friends through this.”

The teen admitted to having tried “Red Skull” previously, but this time around turned out to be a wake up call, after she swallowed nearly 2 pills.

“I woke up in hospital with not a clue why or how I was there.

There were wires and tubes everywhere with drips getting my blood taken, a tube down my throat and I had oxygen tubes,” she said.

“I don’t remember much as I had been put under a coma … If I had gone home and slept I would no longer be here.”

Henderson’s mother told the Daily Record that while she’s disappointed in her daughter’s actions, she’s thankful she has been given a second chance and the opportunity to warn others about the possibly deadly consequences of their actions.

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