Thandie Newton Reveals Sexual Abuse By Director

Thandie Newton opened up about being sexually abused by a filmmaker early in her acting career.

The “Crash” star told W Magazine that an unnamed director had a camera guy film up her skirt and made her touch her breasts and “think about the guy making love to her in the scene.

“I thought, ‘OK, this is a little weird,’ but there was a female casting director in the room and I’d done weird stuff before so I did it.”

But the story didn’t end there.

Newton, 43, recalled that many years later a producer approached her and her husband, Ol Parker, about it.

“The director was showing that audition tape to his friends after poker games at his house. And they would all get off on it,” the English actress said.

The incident taught the “Westworld” star a valuable lesson.

“I was so, so naive when I started out and I realize now that we have to prepare our kids, I’ve got two beautiful daughters, one is 16, one is 11,” she said.

Adding, “One person will read this and it will stop them getting sexually abused by a director. That’s the person I’m interested in.”

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