The Escort Indicator: Wall Street Is Booming Again, Escorts Earning $1,000 An HOUR

Escorts are charging their Wall Street clients up to $1,000 an hour amid claims the industry is booming in Manhattan.

Some of those working in New York are earning more than $200,000 a year by meeting wealthy traders five times a week, it has been reported.

According to one escort, business dropped off during the financial collapse – but has recovered after a bumper round of Wall Street bonus payouts in January and February.

CNBC spoke to an escort called Holly, from Vancouver, who said she charged $1,000 an hour with a two-hour minimum for her services, flying in to New York twice a month.

She spends the rest of the time flying from city to city across the US.

The 28-year-old plans to retire in November with $100,000 saved.

Another,29-year-old Chelsea, moved to Manhattan ten years ago from Canada and told CNBC how she earns more than $200,000 a year.

Describing her interaction with traders, she said: ‘It’s the market here in New York so that’s what you’re dealing with – Wall Street guys. They’ve got money and they want sex.’

‘Business has been good. I can tell you firsthand that bonus season was great this year.

Sometimes my guys like to talk about their jobs and stuff. They all got paid this January and February and then spent their money.’

She said business was so good and her client base so strong that she did not need to market herself anymore.

CNBC reports that there are more than 13million prostitutes worldwide and that global revenue from the industry tops $186billion.

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