A Time To Forgive: Israel Prepares For Yom Kippur

On Tuesday evening, the Jewish people will take part in the holiday of Yom Kippur. While some will fast for 25 hours straight, others will take this time to relax and be with family and friends.

On Monday, some of the leading rabbis in Israel conducted “Slihot” (the Jewish tradition of repentance) in front of the Western Wall, in preparation forth holiday.

Police have increased its capacity, particularly in Jerusalem, in preparation of the Yom Kippur.

Border Patrol, reinforcement and volunteers will be dispersed throughout the country to keep the peace and allow for a calm and hopefully uneventful holiday.

As is tradition, this Yom Kippur the Jerusalem Police and Municipality will set up roadblocks along the city’s main roads to prevent traffic from leaving East Jerusalem into West Jerusalem.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit issued a staement, saying the beginning on midnight between Tuesday and Wednesday, a general cloure will be tak affect in Judea, Samaria and the crossings between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

The closure is due to be lifted Wedneday 23:59 in accordance to the situation. During the closure, only humanitarian, medical and unusual cases will be allowed to cross into Israel.

Public trasport will be brought to a halt, with Israel Railways starting to taper off from13:00 until 14:00, when all its services will cease completely.

At Ben Gurion Airport, the last landing on Tuesday will take place at 13:30 Israeli time, with the last liftoff at 13:55. Some 46,000 passengers are expected to fly through Ben Gurion Airport on Tuesday.

Flights are due to resume on Wednesday at 22:30, with the first international flight slated for 23:30.

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