Top 25 Questions Meir Panim Donors Want Answered!

1.) Why do you hide a convicted felon on your payroll to solicit donations both online and red carpet events? Please disclosure of your entire employee’s” and dates of employment.

2.) Please provide a list of all food kitchens you own along with the psychical address? Also include building budgets allowances for all locations.

3.) Please explain the progress of the building in this video…

4.) Please explain how your organization cleaned this scandal up years ago….

5.) Explain this video made by Eagles Wings Robert Stearns and why he is claiming this is his food kitchen when everyone is wearing Meir Panim aprons? Is this Meir Panim’s kitchen or Robert Stearns? What kind of stunt is your charity trying to pull….

6.) Explain why Robert Stearns keeps calling up Meir Panim reps on GOD TV year after year but the check is always made out to non-registered organization? You’re not able to fool use donors.


7.) Please explain the special friendship your executive director David Birnbaum has with the CUFI leader John Hagee?



8.) Please explain why David Birnbaum’s Defending Zion website is one digit off from CUFI? This would appear to be confusing to donors. It’s a recipe for fraud.


9.) Please explain how Meir Panim is tied in with Afikim charity? According to this document listed here…

Please explain how Dudi Zilbershlag left Meir Panim and how he is related to Afikim… Please explain why Afkim has so many registered .com names?


10.) Please explain the deception shown between Meir Panim and Robert Stearns in the following two BREAKINGISRAELNEWS articles?

The young pastors of Eagles’ Wings present Meir Panim with a generous donation (Photo: Breaking Israel News)

But in a second article by the same BreakingIsraelNews, this is the version Robert Stearns posts on his Facebook page.

If he should you the first article, it would raise questions.


11.) Why is Meir Panims executive David Birnbaum associated with so many email accounts? How can you possibly keep track of all these accounts?


12.) How does one go from the background of being an IT Identity Theft expert to the face behind so many charities? Please explain how you made your transition and what IT skills do you bring to all your charities.


13.) Why does David Birnbaum’s Heart for Zion charity address link to a UPS Store?


14.) Please explain why Meir Panim created a dba for Tikva’s Hope when you are fundraising for the same causes?

15.) Please explain why the charity Kollel Tiferes Bachurim is using the same EIN number as Meir Panim? Please provide written literature and a copy of the charity’s latest annual report.

Please send both websites you mentioned. This should include a list of the board of directors, a mission statement and the most recent available audited financial statements with accompanying notes. Please also include how much donations go for the general administration and fundraising expenses.

A copy of both charities’ tax exempt letter is also being requested.

Are you registered Federal, state, or local authorities?


16.) Please explain these photos just posted to your Facebook wall? It’s our understanding you have the largest food bank in the entire middle east located in Kiryat Gat Israel that is almost complete. Did you just buy another location in Jerusalem? We donors are very confused about where your buildings are located.


17.) Please explain why American Friends of Meir Panim’s FB page is listing another charity address? Whose office is this and what work is being done through it?

18.) Please explain why David Birnbaum’s Heart for Zion FB allows you to donate from FB and it’s not even a registered 501C according to IRS. Please also explain why Heart for Zion’s entire website is mostly comprised of stock images and duplicate pictures of other charity websites.


19.) Please explain why there are made up stories attached to


20.) Please explain what Meir Panim’s Executive Director is linked to 98 other domain names. Also explain why the IP history keeps changing?


21.) Please explain the corporate-charity alliance between Meir Panim and Schulz Quality Catering, Israel’s largest corporate food service provider.
From the inception date of 2010 to current.


22.) Please explain the amazing coincidence that there is a David Birnbaum on the Advisory board of listed here and a man named David Birnbaum with a lifetime protection from stalking order from a woman in Kansas City.


23.) Please explain why David Birnbaum is also employed with American Friends of Shalva. Employment dates from Shalva are requested.


24.) According to your website, Meir Panim’s Israel Nutrition Center was creating over 200 new jobs. What is status update on those new jobs?

Also, your website has been documented for the past three years.

We show you have been 2.4 million shy in donations to complete the food bank.

Why has this donation page been the same for the past three years?


25.) How you can still solicit for funds when the world is watching your actions don’t match your words. Donors all around the world are waiting for your answers!

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