Toronto Jewish Centre Evacuated After Receiving A Threatening Phone Call

A Jewish centre in the city’s Annex neighbourhood has been evacuated after receiving a threatening phone call, Toronto police say.

Police said a school located inside 750 Spadina Avenue, which also contains the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre, got a call threatening them just after 10 a.m. and immediately started an evacuation.

The board president of the Downtown Jewish Day School located inside the building says they did not receive the threatening call, but have evacuated their students to a “safe alternative location.”

A number of community groups including an after-school program are located inside the building. It is not clear who in the building received the call at this point.

The centre, which includes a large fitness facility, was cleared so quickly, that several occupants were forced to flee without wearing all of their clothes, or in one case, even shoes.

TTC buses have been brought in to house them, along with evacuated staff and students.

The intersection of Bloor Street West and Spadina Avenue was already closed due to a planned protest in the area.

Officers are searching the area for any suspicious items.

TTC busses have been brought in to house evacuated staff and students.

The 127 Davenport bus and Spadina streetcars have been rerouted to avoid the area. Subway service to Spadina Station is continuing normally.

Nearby Howlett Academy has been put into lockdown.

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