Tourist Shamed For ‘Throwing Glove’ At Queen’s Guard

Footage has emerged online of a tourist allegedly throwing a glove at a Queen’s Guard in a bid to make him break protocol and pick it up.

The video, taken at the Tower of London, shows the soldier standing at ease while the tourists stare at him from behind a railing.

Although the video does not show the woman throwing the glove on the floor, witnesses claim she did so to make the guard pick it up.

In accordance with procedure, the guard remains fixed to his spot staring straight ahead.

The man recording the footage can be heard saying: ‘There’s a standoff. Who’s going to get the glove first?’

Eventually a Beefeater guard approaches the couple to ask them why they have thrown the glove.

He then tells them: ‘The army is here to protect the crown jewels, they’re not here for the public to make fun of.

‘He is a soldier, he serves his country and he deserves to be treated with a little bit of respect.

‘Throwing your gloves at him isn’t going to work, is it really?’

The Beefeater then sighs before climbing over the railing and retrieving the glove for the couple as the Queen’s guard remains at his post.

The video was uploaded to YouTube with the caption: ‘A girl throws her glove at the guard and wants him to get it’. It has received nearly 50,000 views.

The Queen’s Guard have become a popular attraction for tourists which has led to them being more susceptible to mockery.

Recently one soldier was filmed pointing his weapon and shouting at a man who tried to touch him on the shoulder.

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