Two Years Later, NYPD Finally Arrest Man For Sexually Assaulting Sleeping Woman On The Subway

A man who was filmed allegedly assaulting a woman sleeping on a busy train has been arrested – two years after the shocking attack.

This video shows the moment 21-year-old Elisa Lopez was molested on a subway train in New York.

Taken on a mobile phone by another passenger, the footage showed the man putting his hands up the young woman’s skirt.

According to police, he also groped her privates parts during the attack which caused fury stateside after the footage went viral online.

Police have arrested 43-year-old Carlos Chuva in connection with the case, more than two years after the attack on October 20, 2012.

After hearing of the arrest, Miss Lopes said: “It’s been difficult, you know. The normal stuff that comes with trauma, the constant fear that comes with all that – its still there.

“I still have my own challenges that I need to face but I am at a point where I can say that I am ready to move forward.”

On the night in question, Miss Lopez was on her way to meet her boyfriend when she fell asleep on the train.

She woke to find a stranger groping her thighs and trying to kiss her.

In shock, Miss Lopez punched the pervert in the face and then ran off the train.

The 21-year-old member of the Air National Guard initially had no idea of the severity of the attack until a friend sent the video, which was uploaded to Facebook.

After the footage was originally uploaded shortly after the attack, fuming members of the public slammed passengers for not doing anything.

Those who saw the footage said they felt the cameraman, later identified as Jashmeen Smiley, should have stopped the man from groping the woman instead of just filming the attack.

Mr Smiley later released another video to YouTube defending his actions that night claiming he contacted train guards and police.

He also said he tried to wake Miss Lopez a number of times during the attack without success.

Chuva has reportedly been charged with first degree aggravated sexual abuse.

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