Uber Driver Oral Sex Mid-Ride

A video posted to Facebook appears to show an Uber driver receiving oral sex from a female while a man in the backseat was on the way to his destination.

The incident occurred during the early morning of July 17, Aner Manuel of Boston claims. He was visiting Chicago ahead of moving to the city in the fall and requested an Uber ride after finishing a night out. According to his Uber receipt, the vehicle picked him up at 2:43 a.m. in the Wrigleyville area of the city.

Manuel said in his Facebook post that he noticed something wasn’t right when he saw a woman in the front seat of the vehicle.

“As I approached my Uber, I noticed there was a passenger in the front seat,” Manuel wrote. “I double checked to make sure I didn’t select UberPool, and then approached the car.

I assumed it may have been a family member of some sort.”

Then, things started getting very strange, Manuel wrote. The woman in the front, who he said was “clearly on drugs” started groping the driver while he was in the backseat on his ride. Soon enough, the two started kissing and had their hands all over each other.

“As we got further and further from my pickup location I had no idea where I was, so I had to stay in the car,” Manuel wrote. “She then proceeded to perform oral sex. This was my last straw. I asked the driver to drop me off.”

Watch the shocking video captured on SnapChat by Manuel below:

In an interview with Esquire, Manuel said he contacted Uber about 40 minutes later and was given a “$10 credit” for the troubling experience.

The company said it’s aware of the video and is still “investigating,” he told the magazine, providing a receipt that shows the ride ended at 2:51 a.m., just eight minutes and two miles after it started.

Manuel added that the driver “tried to apologize” repeatedly throughout the ride in the hopes of earning a high rating, but the damage was done. He found an area around his destination he was familiar with and told the driver to let him out.

“I think he assumed at that time of night I was too intoxicated to notice what was going on,” Manuel said in the interview. ”

Esquire reached out to Uber, which replied that the driver no longer works for them.

“The behavior of this former driver is appalling and is not tolerated on the Uber app,” the statement provided by Uber said. “As soon as this situation was reported to us, we immediately removed this driver’s access.”

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