Vandals In Quebec Deface Homes, Cars With Swastikas

Thirteen location across the city of Laval, Quebec in Canada were struck with anti-Semitic vandalism, reports CTV News.

According to local police, swastikas were drawn on houses, cars, park benches and a park chalet, alongside other white power symbols, as well as a giant Star of David with an ‘X’ over it.

In an interview, Corey Fleischer, who owns his own power washing company, told CTV he sees a lot of hateful tagging, but this was the worst act of vandalism he’s seen.

“The sort of a thing that I saw today happens to be the worst attack that I’ve come across since I started doing this in the city,” he said.

Fleischer said it bothered him that the tags were left up so long, so after four days of the swastikas remaining in place on city property, he decided to clean the buildings himself at his own cost.

Fleischer further said that it is not uncommon for Nazi symbols to be spray-painted on public and private property in and around Montreal – he said his company removed around a hundred swastikas from the Montreal area through the latter half of 2015.

While Laval police opened an investigation, they have yet to classify the vandalism as a hate crime. They believe that the vandals are a few teenagers who were merely out to cause some trouble without realizing just how offensive their actions are.

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