Vandals Stretch 10-Foot Wide Swastika Across 40-Yard Line At San Francisco High School

Police are searching for the vandals who managed to desecrate a South San Francisco football field with a 10-foot wide swastika.

The vandals likely laid the huge white swastika, fashioned out of white tile pieces that snapped together, shortly after graduation ceremonies at the El Camino High School, according to local reports.

Police said they were unsure exactly when the vandalism occurred, however, as the story broke several days later.

Local resident Robin Belinsky, who snapped a photograph of the iconic Nazi symbol, said “The Peninsula has been a very accepting community, but these types of incidents need to be brought to the public’s attention.”

Earlier this year, vandals daubed crude swastikas on a fraternity house at the University of California, Davis.

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