Victoria Beckham ‘Has Been Remove Hebrew Tattoo Tribute To Husband David’

The 44-year-old fashion designer is said to be having laser treatment to remove a tattoo dedicated to the footballing legend.

Victoria has reportedly been having laser sessions to erase the Hebrew script, which reads: “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”.

The inking runs from the nape of the mother-of-four’s neck to her upper back down her spine.

The tattoo was notably lighter when Victoria stepped out in New York City after her catwalk show this week.

Victoria is also believed to be removing two designs from her wrist.

The first marks the date she and David renewed their wedding vows in 2006, and the second bears the phrase “again from the start” in Latin, which she got when her family moved to America in 2007.


The brunette beauty’s decision to get rid of the body artwork comes as a bid to be taken “more seriously” in the fashion industry, according to The Sun newspaper.

Victoria also has five stars on her lower back which represent herself, David and their three sons, Brooklyn, 16, Romeo, 13, and Cruz, 10, which she got before four-year-old Harper was born.

By contrast David has spent the summer adding to his extensive collection of tattoos, going under the needle four times since July.

Each one has special meaning to the family man, and he has explained the reasoning behind all of them on Instagram.

His first tattoo of the summer was a “99” on finger to mark the year he married Victoria, welcomed first son Brooklyn and won ‘the treble’ with Manchester United.

He then paid tribute to his little girl Harper by adding the words “Pretty Lady” above her name on his neck to honour her fourth birthday.

Next David got an eagle tattooed near his left armpit. Uploading an image to Instagram, David wrote: “Just another… Rise above @shamrocksocialclub.”

His latest tat is the word “Buster” on his neck, which he revealed is his nickname for Brooklyn

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