Video Shows Florida Police officer Take Student Down, Is Charged With Child Abuse

A Florida police officer has been charged with child abuse after body-slamming a 13-year-old boy in the lobby of his school.

Surveillance footage of the school’s lobby shows Officer Mario Badia arguing with the boy before pushing him in the chest, moving him across the room and then slamming him to the ground while twisting his arm.

Badia, 41, was called to Kissimmee Middle School in May because of a domestic dispute between the 84lb boy and his mother Alexis Richmond, who said that the encounter left her feeling ‘helpless’.

Richmond told WFTV that the boy was left with a sprained ankle and wrist from the slam, and that her family is considering suing.

The boy’s mother said that the dispute between her and her son was ‘a kid being a kid,’ and that police should not have been called.

An arrest affidavit says that Badia tried to get the boy’s attention by moving his arm towards the child’s chin, according to Click Orlando.

The boy moved his arm to block the move, which then led Badia to shove him and move him across the lobby.

The 13-year-old was not resisting during the incident but had his arm twisted for 42 seconds and remained on the ground before being picked up by the officer.

He was then pushed toward the reception desk while Badia appeared to be yelling.

Ricmond said the officer ‘came in with such a hostile manner, like he was ready for war’.

The content of the officer and his colleague’s subsequent conversation with Richmond is not audible, though her son heads back into the school with a female officer after what appears to be additional questions asked towards him.

Kissimmee police say they didn’t hesitate to suspend the officer with pay after the incident, and WFTV reported that he has since earned $15,000.

However, police say Badia, an employee since 2013, has also received a notice of intent to terminate his job after an internal investigation.

Badia’s arrest affidavit said that there was no lawful reason for twisting the boy’s arm or shoving him.

He pleaded not guilty in October to child abuse and battery. His trial is set for next month.

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