WikiLeaks: Hillary Received Debate Questions Ahead of Time

Republican candidate Donald Trump said on Thursday that Clinton should resign from the presidential race after WikiLeaks published emails proving she received two debate questions ahead of time.

“It was just learned that Hillary Clinton was given the exact questions to a previous debate word for word by Donna Brazile [a CNN commentator – ed.], who is now under tremendous pressure to resign from the DNC, as she should be,” Trump said. “But I ask you, why shouldn’t Hillary Clinton resign from the race? She was given these questions.

She used these questions, studied the questions, got the perfect answer for the questions and never said that she did something that was totally wrong and inappropriate, hence the name Crooked Hillary.”

“Donna Brazile, she should resign,” Trump saiid. “She looked like such a fool last night on television trying to say, well, she didn’t know what was going on. She had no idea. She said, get me out of here. She got the questions.”

Both Brazile and CNN have denied sharing any questions with the Clinton campaign ahead of time.

“She gave them to Hillary Clinton,” he continued. “Hillary Clinton didn’t say ‘I’d like to announce that a mistake was made and I can’t take these’—I mean, look, how many questions are there, right? Can you imagine if I got the questions? They would call for the re-establishment of the electric chair.

Do you agree with that? She got the questions and didn’t report it. She went out there knowing the questions. She didn’t report it. That is very dishonest. She’s a very dishonest person.”

These emails are the latest in a long line of leaked emails showing dishonesty in Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

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