Woman Executed In Dallas Murder Mystery Identified As Kendra Hatcher

DALLAS – Dallas Police have identified the woman shot to death in her Uptown apartment parking garage as Dr. Kendra Hatcher, 35, a dentist who worked for Deca Dental.

The shooting happened Wednesday night at the Gables Park 17 apartment building.

Her friend Christine Foley said she found out about her death just as the news broke.

“It was on the TV and I saw her picture pop up and then they said her name,” said Foley.

Dr. Hatcher was originally from Illinois, but had made Dallas her new home.

In a phone interview, her brother Neil Hatcher described his sister saying she had a deep passion for helping people and it was evident in the volunteer work she did.

He added, “She ventured down to central, south America. She helped build houses for them down in Ecuador and it was a passion of hers.

She loved the language. She loved the culture and she embodied herself with it.”

As police search for their “person of interest” the victim’s loved ones said they can’t imagine why anyone would want to harm.

Foley added, she believes whoever did this to Dr. Hatcher either knew her or some who was linked to her.

Anyone with information is asked to call Dallas Police Detective Barnes with the homicide unit at 214-283-4818.

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