Women’s March’ Leader Calls For ‘Jihad’ Against Trump

Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour, a pro-Sharia law and anti-Israel activist, called on Muslims to engage in a ‘Jihad’ against US President Donald Trump at the Islamic Society of North America Convention last weekend.

At the beginning of her remarks, Sarsour thanked Siraj Wajjah, who is listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing terrorist attack. She called Wajjah her “favorite person in the room,” and said that she considered him her mentor.

Sarsour slammed the Trump Administration as “fascists and white supremacists and Islamophobes,” and called for resistance against the administration.

“I hope, that when we stand up to those who oppress our communities, that Allah accepts from us that as a form of Jihad, that we are struggling against tyrants and rulers not only abroad in the Middle East or on the other side of the world, but here in the United States of America,” she said.

“Our number one and top priority is to protect and defend our community. It is not to assimilate and to please any other people in authority,” she said. “And our top priority … is to please Allah, and only Allah,” she continued.

The Islamic Society of North America is part of the Muslim Brotherhood network in the US, according to Federal Prosecutors, and has been implicated in the funding of the Haas terrorist organization.

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