WWE Diva Paige Victim of Phone Hacking Scandal

BRITISH WWE star Paige confirmed she is the victim of a sex tape that has been leaked online.

She claims that her phone was hacked after explicit images surfaced in the last 24 hours, according to The Sun.

Queen of the ring Paige, a former two-time Divas champion, tweeted:

“Personal and private photos of mine were stolen and unfortunately they were shared publicly without my consent.”

A string of videos have appeared of the Norfolk-born 24-year-old, including one with two separate male wrestlers.

One video features Paige performing a solo act with a sex toy, another engaging in oral sex, while there are at least three other videos in which she is seen having sex with men.

Other images show her flashing and posing in selfies taken in the bathroom.

Paige is engaged to ex-WWE star Alberto Del Rio, having jumped into the ring and proposed in October of last year.

In August WWE suspended her 30 days for a violation of the company’s anti-drugs wellness policy.

At the end of September the two-time Divas queen claimed she was going in to have neck surgery.

But, on October 10, the company suspended her for another 60 days for a second wellness policy violation and she hit out claiming WWE treat certain stars differently depending on their popularity.

WWE could now take action against the Brit, whose real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis.

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