Yeshiva Student Killed In Car Accident on Way To Jerusalem

A teenage yeshiva student from Ashdod was killed early Monday morning in a car accident as he drove to Jerusalem.

Aviad Elmelem, a 19-year old student from the coastal city of Ashdod died after the accident, which also left his sister seriously injured. She was evacuated to the Sheba Medical Center in Tel HaShomer, Ramat Gan.

Relatives of Elmelem released a statement shortly after his death.

“With great sadness and bitter sorrow we announce the death of our son, our brother, and our beloved grandson, Aviad Elmelem.”

A friend of the family, Avi Amsalem who serves as a member of the Ashdod city council as part of the Shas party recalled Elmelem in an interview with BeHadrei Haredim.

“When you wanted to give an example of a generous young man, you’d point to him [Aviad]; and I’m not just talking about his love of Torah and the religious obligations to others, which for him was so important – he was entirely dedicated to others.”

“Before Rosh Hashanah he called up 150 of his father’s close friends to wish them a happy New Year, and asked from each of them forgiveness if he may have done anything impolite during one of his visits to them with his father. That’s the noble behavior of a yeshiva student.

“That’s also how he was yesterday Aviad was on his way to Jerusalem as a favor; he was driving a family into town – but never made it back.

It’s a terrible tragedy. We can’t understand it.”

Elmelem leaves behind his parents and nine siblings.

His funeral will be held Monday afternoon in Ashdod.

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