NYPD Arrest Suspect In ‘Mitzvah Bus’ Arson

Cops have busted the pyro who set fire to a popular “mitzvah” minibus in Brooklyn last month, officials said Monday. Read more

Mother Sues Dallas JCC Alleging Employee Raped Her 14-Year-old Daughter

A mother has sued the Aaron Family JCC of Dallas alleging that a fitness center employee molested and raped her then-14-year-old daughter. Read more

Iranian Hackers Launch Virtual Honeypot Scheme

Mia Ash is an attractive 29-year-old freelance photographer living in London who listens to indie music and adores social media. Read more

My Message For Tisha Ba’v: Judge Ruchie Freier: Reflections From The Bench On Judging Our Children

I remember seven years ago when I first met 14 year old Malky Klein a”h. She was sitting across me in the Seforim Room in my home. She pensive yet pretty, wearing a long skirt and dressed B’Tznius. Read more

Op-Ed: Tisha B’Av Message From Zvi Gluck And Amudim

Our thoughts turn somber as we count down the last few minutes until Tisha B’Av and
with all of the deaths we have experienced in recent weeks, it isn’t all that difficult to feel
the churban in our own generation. Read more