Ulster County Sheriff: All Licensed Handgun Owners Should Carry Them

The statement below is made by Sullivan County Sheriff Michael Schiff in regards to the Facebook Posting made by Ulster County Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum.

I concur with Ulster County Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum that licensed gun owners should carry their licensed handguns if they feel that they are comfortable and proficient enough to do so.

They should also be familiar with State and local laws that govern firearms and the use of deadly physical force.

I also join Sheriff Van Blarcum in urging off duty police/peace officers and qualified retired law enforcement personnel to carry their firearms as well.

The police cannot be everywhere. The second amendment and the laws of New York State give citizens the tools to defend themselves and their families from harm, until law enforcement can arrive on the scene.

Given the recent attacks in our country and abroad, citizens should be aware of their surroundings, exercise vigilance and not be afraid to report any suspicious activity.

If you see something, say something.

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