Search Crews Find Noah Chamberlin Dead

CHESTER COUNTY, Tenn. — Rescue crews have found 2-year-old Noah Chamberlin.

The little boy was found dead by rescue crews about a mile from the home.

A visibly upset search and rescue crew asked people to keep the family of Noah in your prayers.

They said the family wanted to make sure everyone knew just how much they appreciated everything they did in the search and rescue effort.

However, they asked for space as their family mourned for the loss of the boy.

This was an area they said was on the outskirts of where they had searched.

Noah disappeared last Thursday in the woods behind his grandmother’s home after she turned to check on his 4-year-old sister.

On Wednesday, the search crews added a few hundred more acres to the more than 1,000 already searched.

They admitted their efforts would more than likely be scaled back as winter weather threatens the area.

Officials will have to move equipment being used in the search elsewhere in preparation for a possibly snowstorm.

However, they said as long as they could they would be out in force searching for little Noah

The Sheriff was adamant no foul play was involved in Noah’s disappearance and there is no criminal investigation underway.

Noah went missing on Thursday, January 14 as he, his grandmother and sister walked through the woods near their home.

Law enforcement have covered roughly 1,000 acres of land searching for the little boy.

Despite the cold weather and no sign of the boy, the Sheriff in Chester County has been adamant since day one Noah is still in the woods and alive.

Representatives from the FBI, TBI, and other local agencies have been involved in the search since the beginning.

Authorities also said they have been utilizing every form of modern technology that they could get their hands on during the search.

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