Dan Nelson Accused of Raping Woman In His NYC Office Tells Court: I Can’t Even Get It Up

A lawyer accused of trying to rape a woman in his Midtown office claimed on Monday that there was no way he could be guilty — because he’s impotent and forgot to take his Viagra pill.

“I have erectile dysfunction,” Dan Nelson sheepishly testified at his trial in Manhattan Supreme Court.

It also probably didn’t help that he had already downed three bottles of wine before meeting his accuser that night last August.

The attorney admitted on the stand that he had boozed it up earlier that evening while on a disastrous date.

That date, he said, had infuriated him.

“Do you have anger issues relating to women?” the prosecutor asked.

“I do,” he said.

He testified that he met his accuser at Bull McCabe’s bar in the East Village, where he arrived after drunkenly text-messaging about 10 other women.

Still, he and the woman agreed to go to the office of his law firm, Nelson & McCulloch — where the conference room happened to be equipped with a $5,732 Murphy bed.

She mocked his sexual dysfunction as they began trying to have sex, he claimed.

“She said to me, ‘Is there a problem?’ . . . I got upset,” he told jurors. “I thought she was taunting me because I couldn’t get an erection.”

Nelson said he hadn’t expected to get lucky that night and had forgotten to take a Viagra tablet, which cops later found in his pocket.

The intellectual-property lawyer — who makes $50,000 a month and drives a $150,000 Aston Martin convertible — said the mockery made him mad and he told her to get out.

He admitted he angrily grabbed her arm and hair and pushed her toward the door.

“At first, she wouldn’t budge. Then she lunged away from me and twisted around, at which time her dress tore and came off in my hand and her wig came off, ” Nelson told jurors.

The woman had testified that she changed her mind about the one-night stand and that he choked her.

Nelson was also questioned about an incident with another woman earlier in the night. After bragging about his $35,000 watch, he repeatedly called her grandmother a whore, the prosecutor alleged, saying the woman left when he refused to stop.

“I don’t recall doing that,” Nelson replied.

Nelson said he had previously had sex on the office Murphy bed with at least one of the 10 women he drunk-texted.

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