Satmar Hasid Yoel Malik, Charged With Sexually Abusing Boys Gets 60 DAYS In Prison

A Brooklyn rabbi accused of sexually assaulting several teenage boys was sentenced on Tuesday to 60 days in jail and six years on probation.

In 2013, Yoel Malik was charged with the sexual assault of four boys aged between 13 and 16.

He pleaded guilty of luring a child and sexual misconduct the following year.

As part of the plea deal, Malik, 36, underwent a sex offender class and other probation requirements, and the felony count of luring a child was subsequently dismissed.

Malik’s victims were students at the now-closed Satmar yeshiva in Borough Park, Brooklyn.

The rabbi was accused of fondling the boys and allegedly forced two of them to perform oral sex on him.

A Brooklyn hotel manager said he admitted Malik and a ‘tall boy’ into a room in January 2013, where the pair allegedly stayed for eight hours, according to Pix 11.

Malik was arrested two weeks after the alleged hotel attack by NYPD officers from the 77th precinct in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, court records show.

Child abuse victims’ advocates told the Daily News the 60-day jail sentence was ‘inexplicable,’ while Malik’s lawyer, Rober Bennet-Adler, called the punishment ‘significant.’

Malik is a father of five and previously ran a yeshiva for ‘at-risk’ youth, according to Pix 11.

Malik is a member of the ultra-Orthodox Satmar Hasidic Jewish community in Williamsburg, which has been reeling from multiple sex molestation cases in recent years.

Just last week, a popular counselor there, Nechemya Weberman, was sentenced to 103 years in prison–for turning a 12 year old girl in his care into a virtual sex slave, over a three year period.

Friends of Rabbi Malik said they believe a former employee who plea-bargained a deal in a sex abuse case in 2007 is the man who called a rape hotline about Malik.

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  1. Joe Levin
    Joe Levin says:

    A rabbi in Brooklyn received a slap on the wrist for a heinous crime, receiving only a 60 day sentence for a sexual assault against four teenage boys in Borough Park back in 2013.

    Yoel Malik, 33, a member of the Satmar Hasidic sect, was given the generous plea deal after the victims were extremely reluctant to testify publicly, according to a law enforcement source familiar with the case.

    Police reports say that I n 2013, Malik was charged with 28 criminal counts and shamelessly blamed his underage victims for trying to seduce him.

    According to prosecutors, the rabbi was accused of groping all four boys, ages 13 through 16, in motels. At least one of the boys was forced to perform oral sex on Malik near a cemetery in Borough Park.

    Child sex abuse advocates are now bashing Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson about the plea deal he afforded Malik, saying that the light sentence gives victims of sex crimes no incentive to come forward.

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