Africa-Israel USA and NYPD Corruption Case

The FBI currently proceeds to the investigation related to the corruption of NYPD officers who, inter alia, were corrupted by a certain Jona Rechnitz who is (or was) an employee of Lev – Leviev’s company Africa-Israel USA.

In accordance with the official documents established by the FBI special agent (hereattached) Rechnitz pleaded guilty and recognized that he along with his accomplice paid a number of expenses on behalf of some officers of the NYPD, including gifts and prostitute services.

These expenses were made by Rechnitz also in order to ensure the private services for the benefit of Leviev during his stay in the US.

It will not be surprising if it will be discovered that the individuals working for Leviev corrupted the governmental or municipal employees in order to promote business interests of Leviev as it is usual in Israel, Russia, Namibia and Angola for which many evidences exist.

Within the framework of the legal dispute in the High Court of Justice in London between Arcadi Gaydamak and Lev Leviev, the latter dishonestly denied the existence of the Trust Agreement signed by Gaydamak as the Beneficiary and Leviev as the Trustee on 13 December 2001.

In order to mislead the Court and to support Leviev’s fraudulent allegations, Leviev and witnesses from his side, such as Berel Lazar (so-called Chief Rabbin of Russia) and David Mondschein, another employee of Leviev, lied to the Court as it was confirmed by the Court Decision of 29 June 2012.

Also Leviev and his witnessess presented to the Court knowingly forged documents, inter alia, fabricated by the US Chartered Accountant Joel Zuller in order to mislead the Court.

Hereattached the copies of “official documents” fabricated on the request of Leviev and his accomplices by Joel Zuller, US licensed chartered accountant, and copies of the official letters of Gaydamak’s lawyers to Zuller who never replied to those letters and therefore should be considered as the accomplices of Leviev, Lazar and other fraudsters that supported Leviev’s knowingly fraudulent allegations in the High Court of Justice of London:

Undoubtedly the forgery of the tax return forms is a heavy federal crime in the USA.

The knowingly forged tax form sheets were used in order to mislead the Court and thus to deny the validity of the existent Trust Agreement of 13 December 2001 signed by Leviev and Gaydamak.

The denial by Leviev of the (currently) valid Trust Agreement implies that Leviev hid from the shareholders of the public company Africa-Israel, from stock exchange authorities, from tax authorities in USA and Israel that, in all the investments where Leviev used somehow Angolan-origin funds, Leviev or companies associated with him have a partnership with Gaydamak for 50%.

By the denial of the existence of the valid Trust Agreement, Leviev committed the premeditated concealment of the existence of the partnership and thus committed a fraud of “money laundering” by hiding the identity of his partner.

For many years Gaydamak requested Leviev and the management of the public company Africa-Israel to provide the information related to the investments made with the use of Angolan-origin funds. Gaydamak never received any reply.

Charges Against N.Y.P.D. Officers and a ‘Community Liaison’

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