Rabbi Berel Lazar and A Missing Agreement

In 1999 Arcadi Gaydamak introduced Leviev in different businesses that Gaydamak developed previously from the beginning of 1990s in Angola.

On December 13, 2001, Arcadi Gaydamak as the Beneficiary and Lev Leviev as the Trustee signed a Trust Agreement in accordance to which Gaydamak and Leviev were partners in all kinds of financial and commercial activities related somehow to Angolan entities.

Lev Leviev since, in order to steal Gaydamak’s assets, started to tarnish Gaydamak’s reputation with state and judicial authorities in Israel, Angola and Russia, and also spread defamatory rumours during many years through a number of media publications.

Indeed, since 2000, Gaydamak was targeted by politically motivated investigation, initiated by the French judicial authorities and thus was unable to protect his rights in the Courts of Justice. Nevertheless, all the fabricated accusations against Gaydamak were dropped in 2011 in the frame of the decision of French Supreme Court.

Leviev built his fortune and his happiness on Gaydamak’s misfortune.

In 2010, Gaydamak filed a Claim in the High Court of Justice in London against Leviev in order to oblige him to respect the Trust Agreement signed in 2001.

Leviev and witnesses from his side, such as Rabbi Berel Lazar, dishonestly and fraudulently denied the existence of the Trust Agreement in front of the London Court and provided knowingly fraudulent statements and documents to the Court in order to mislead the Court, such as:

* Fabricated by US Chartered Accountant Joel Zuller Tax Return Forms

* Knowingly fraudulent statements and fabricated documents of Zacharin and Modan

* The Settlement Agreement dated August 6, 2011

While the Court recognized that Leviev and witnesses from his side presented to the Court knowingly fraudulent statements, nevertheless, the Court’s Decision was biased.

Gaydamak has since obtained the material evidences that:

* US Chartered Accountant Joel Zuller fabricated Tax Return Forms in connivance with Lazar and Leviev. This fraud is considered as a serious crime in US, especially when the fabricated governmental form documents signed by a Chartered Accountant are used in order to mislead the judicial authorities with the goal of misappropriation of assets.

* Zacharin and Modan, in connivance with Leviev, provided knowingly fraudulent statements and fabricated documents to the Court

* Leviev is a partner with Sam Pa and Kopelipa in a number of companies, the so-called “88 Queensway Group” and invested billions of dollars of Angolan-origin money in a number of real estate projects around the world and particularly in the US. Thus, Leviev requested his business partner Kopelipa who is a State Minister in charge of secret services and police in Angola and who has the common financial interests with Leviev, to come on the night of August 6, 2011, to Gaydamak’s hotel room during Gaydamak’s stay in Angola and under death threat oblige Gaydamak to sign the Settlement Agreement by which Gaydamak renounced his rights in accordance with the Trust Agreement of December 13, 2001.

The half of the money invested by Leviev, inter alia, in the US, is money stolen by fraud and by threat by Leviev from Gaydamak.

Therefore, the real estate investments of Lev Leviev in the US are made with assets of criminal origin and should be considered as money laundering.

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