El Al Security Breach

I had the pleasure of being on “flight 007” going from Israel to NY Wednesday.

Besides typical hour + delay, when i finally arrived at my seat I find it completely broken and none functional (as far as safety concerns go). I ask for it be repaired a member of ground crew comes on board and takes apart seat and tries to fix for 20+ mins. with no results.

They put a sticker on my seat “Do Not Occupy”, but when asking them where else i could sit they said only two seats where available on the entire plane. Being my seat was an aisle seat (i’m 6’3) i couldn’t fit into a middle seat they offered. The story gets extremely interesting moments before take off.

One of the El Al staff members walks over to two ladies sitting directly in front off me, signals them to follow him and that was the last we saw of the two individuals.

About an hour into flight one of the members of the crew came to me to ask how i was doing, so i replied “All i want to know is you mentioned to me earlier ONLY two seats where available on the entire plane (one being in my section), what happened to the two women sitting in front of me, where did they disappear too? He responds ” you are more than welcome to search the plane and look for them, we don’t know what you talking about….. So I respond ” isn’t this a security breach two people vanish from our section in front of hundreds of people and El Al doesn’t know where they are or what I’m speaking about!

The head supervisor on board ends up coming to speak with me trying to offer me upgraded food from first class to make up for my broken seat.

When i told him i had no interest in better food, but was more concerned about where these woman went, he conducted investigation and admitted to me as well as other whom where near me that ” they where invited into the cockpit”.

We all started laughing like he must be kidding or something, nope he was dead serious.

This is coming from the highest ranking person on board plane. There needs to be a formal investigation into this breach and the people who allowed this to happen need to be held responsible.

And just for the record they never compensated me for the inconvenience they caused me.

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