IDF To Host A Kinnus For The Chabad Community Ahead Of Induction

The IDF is planning a kinnus for Tuesday, 6 Kislev for Chabad “Temimim”, talmidei yeshivos affiliated with Chabad who were abroad for Kvutza.

Until the signing of the agreement between rabbonim and state authorities, once a talmid left for kvutza, to learn in 770, he lost his status as a talmid yeshiva and was drafted immediately upon returning to Israel.

Under the new agreement, this is not so and after returning from kvutza, talmidim are permitted to learn for an additional two-year period before entering the IDF.

At the gathering, military and Chabad officials will explain the new arrangements to the talmidim, detailing their options which include delaying induction to continue learning.

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