Ex-NYPD Cop Convicted For Playing With His Penis on Subway

It took a Manhattan jury just one hour to convict a retired NYPD detective for exposing himself to a commuter and then pulling out a gun when she tried to film him.

Ex-cop Steven Esposito was convicted of second-degree menacing, exposure of a person, and public lewdness when he unzipped his pants and began to heckle a woman on the 59th Street platform in October 2015.

He faces up to one year in jail on the misdemeanor charges when sentenced.

Esposito’s victim bravely took the stand against him, telling jurors how she turned upon hearing a “hissing, kissing…maybe a suction noise,” to find the perv leering at her and brandishing his genitals.

When the woman, whose name is being withheld, and a Good Samaritan confronted him for the untoward behavoir, he pulled a gun.

The predatory former NYPD brass and his attorney Gerald McMahon declined to put on a defense case, but the lawyer said in openings Esposito was merely publicly peeing.

“My client wasn’t making kissing sounds,” he unconvincingly told jurors. “He was making hissing sounds, consistent with urination.”

The judge jailed Esposito, who was out on bond, pending a bail hearing.

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