Jenna Jameson Caps Anti-Muslim Twitter Rant With ‘Kiss My Beautiful Jewish Ass’

Jenna Jameson launched into an anti-Islam rant on Twitter this week, slamming the religion as one that “promotes child rape, female genital mutilation, butchering non believers and polygamy.”

The former porn legend, who converted to Judaism last year ahead of her upcoming marriage to Israeli boyfriend Lior Bitton, spent the better part of the week defending her attacks against Islam and “spending all [her] free time” watching YouTube videos about the Quran by Christian apologist David Wood.

“This is why I speak out against Islam … watch this and gain knowledge of Muslim belief straight from the Quran,” Ms. Jameson, 42, wrote Tuesday, linking to Mr. Wood’s video on “three Quran verses every Jew should know.”

The backlash from Muslims against the retired porn star was swift, but she remained vigilant in defending her position.

“I am Jewish you moron… I don’t care about your false prophet,” Ms. Jameson responded to one commenter.

“If you worship the Quran you accept Muhammad’s rape of a nine year old. That’s enough for me to not respect your religion,” she told another.

“The Quran teaches to wage war on non believers. And don’t get me started on what it says about Jews,” Ms. Jameson wrote. “There aren’t angry mobs of Jews raping women in Germany… NOOOO it’s muslims! Wake the hell up!”

She later clarified, “I’m cool with arabs, I disagree with Islam.”

“How do you follow a prophet who is an admitted pedophile?” she asked one commenter Wednesday.

“I’m sorry you follow an ideology that promotes child rape, female genital mutilation, butchering non believers and polygamy #kbye,” she told another.

On Friday, she wrote, “I DO blame the influx of Muslim refugees for the rape culture Europe has come to know.”

Ms. Jameson supported Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2008 presidential election, but switched parties to support Republican Mitt Romney during the 2012 election.

In 2015, she tweeted messages that appeared to support Donald Trump. She also calls herself a “deplorable patriot” in her Twitter bio — a name the president-elect’s supporters often give themselves on social media.

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