Haredi Extremists Call For Death of Officer Over Haredi Enlistment

The incitement against haredi IDF soldiers and their recruiters continued, with death threats being made against the head of the IDF branch for yeshiva students Sunday.

Leaflets calling for the death of Maj. Yaakov Roshi were strewn outside of his parents’ house in Petach Tikva, representing an escalation in the campaign of harassment and intimidation against haredi soldiers and their recruiters, the Behadrei Haredim Hebrew news site reported..

A number of demonstrations have been held outside the home of Maj. Roshi’s parents recently. Today, leaflets were left outside of the house with the phrase, “God will break the arm of the wicked,” and calling Roshi and his colleagues “hunters of souls.”

“Therefore, the great Torah scholars instructed that one should do the same as our forefathers did when a wicked person rose up against them, to cry to the Creator of the world that He should spare and comfort us and remove sins from the earth,” the letter continued.

“And in all places, they will pray that the memory of his name will be in disgrace, Yaakov Menachem Ben Naomi, and they will say about him what is written in Psalms, Chapters 10 and 109, about the loss of the wicked, and the Lord will hear our prayers and save us from the wicked Yaakov Roshi, may his name and memory be blotted out,” the letter concluded.

The prayer that an individual’s name and memory be blotted out is usually reserved by religious Jews for perpetrators of genocide against the Jewish people, such as Haman and Hitler.

According to BeHadrei Haredim, a haredi news site, the prayer for the death of a fellow Jew crossed a new red line and showed that “anything goes” in the fight against enlistment.

The extremist Jerusalem Faction also held demonstrations against haredi enlistment in Bnei Brak Sunday. A call was made in the name of Jerusalem Faction leader Rabbi Avraham Auerbach to resist enlistment “until the last drop of blood.”

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