Angelina Jolie, Kids Interviewed By FBI

A pair of FBI agents spoke to Angelina Jolie and her children Tuesday in hopes of gathering information regarding allegations that Brad Pitt turned violent toward his 15-year-old son on a recent flight, according to a new report.

The law enforcement officials interviewed the actress and her kids for over three hours at Jolie’s house in Malibu, asking the family to share their accounts of what transpired during the September flight from France to Los Angeles, TMZ reports.

The FBI hasn’t opened an official investigation on the matter and is currently looking to gather evidence before making a decision as to whether a formal investigation is necessary, according to the celebrity gossip site.

Jolie reportedly cooperated throughout the lengthy conversation with the agents, but much of the discussion centered on trying to figure out the private jet’s exact location at the time of the alleged incident. Whether the aircraft was flying in United States airspace could play a role in the case, according to the celebrity gossip site.

Part of the questioning, meanwhile, centered on what occurred after their jet landed to refuel in Minnesota, TMZ reports.

It’s unclear whether officials in Minnesota would have jurisdiction in the case.

Allegations against Pitt surfaced in September after an anonymous report was sent to the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services claiming Pitt had turned abusive toward his son Maddox while they were in the air.

The case was later passed along to the FBI.

A source told the TOT News that Pitt was never violent toward any of his six children, but the insider said an incident did occur during the flight.

“While this was not his best moment, it’s being inaccurately described,” the source said. “He certainly could have behaved better, but there was no physical abuse.”

Pitt submitted a voluntary drug test to the DCFS after the claims surfaced in an effort to clear his name.

Jolie’s six children with Pitt whom she filed for divorce from last month after two years of marriage and 12 total years together are currently living with her as part of a temporary custody agreement.

Maddox chose not to join his five siblings in visiting with Pitt earlier this month and “doesn’t really see himself” as the A-list actor’s son, according to a report from Us Weekly on Wednesday.

“Maddox never wants to see Brad again,” an insider close to Jolie told the magazine.

Jolie, meanwhile, is hopeful to see the private jet case eventually just go away, according to TMZ. The FBI is not considered likely to push the case much further, the gossip site reports.

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