Another NYPD Cop Tries To Retire Amid FBI Corruption Probe

Yet another high-ranking NYPD officer has put in his retirement papers amid the FBI’s gift-for-favors probe into the department.

NYPD Deputy Chief of Housing David Colon filed for retirement at One Police Plaza on Tuesday the day after Deputy Inspector James Grant put in his papers, police sources said.

Colon allegedly had close ties to a former Harlem restaurant owner, Hamlet Peralta, who was recently indicted by the Manhattan US Attorney’s Office on charges related to running a multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme. Colon has been transferred to desk duty.

The head of Colon’s union said the deputy chief retired for “personal reasons.

“He has a newborn child he would like to devote all of his attention to,” Roy Richter, president of the NYPD Captains Endowment Association, said in a statement.

Five other NYPD honchos caught up in the scandal are expected to file their retirement papers in the coming days, including Deputy Housing Chief Michael Harrington, Deputy Chief Eric Rodriguez and Deputy Chief Andrew Capul, sources said.

Grant, who was the commanding officer of the Upper East Side’s 19th Precinct, was accused of accepting trips and diamonds from shady businessman Jeremy Reichberg in return for official police escorts, sources have said.

One of the trips Grant allegedly took was on a private jet with a hooker dressed as a flight attendant who had sex with the passengers.

NYPD Detective Michael Milici was recently suspended after he tried to file for retirement following his refusal to answer questions before a grand jury investigating the scandal.

Milici, a 20-plus-year veteran currently assigned to the 66th Precinct in Borough Park, Brooklyn, was stripped of his gun and badge.

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