Another Top NYPD official Suspected In FBI Corruption Scandal

Yet another high-ranking NYPD official — the former commanding officer of the Midtown North Precinct — has been dragged into the federal corruption probe.

NYPD Inspector Timothy Beaudette, who is now assigned to the department’s Training Division, repeatedly helped out suspected police-bribing businessman Jeremy Reichberg at the behest of alleged dirty Deputy Chief Michael Harrington, sources said.

In one instance, Beaudette helped get back a $250,000 diamond for Reichberg from a fellow jeweler, sources said.

Beaudette dispatched a sergeant to clean up a dispute between Reichberg and the other jeweler Feb. 20, 2015, according to sources and an indictment unsealed Monday by Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.

Reichberg was caught on a federal wiretap phoning Beaudette and saying, “I need your help, very important…we gave out a stone to some company in my building…it’s a $250,000 diamond, he’s been playing around games the last few days about giving it back, he’s not buying it,” according to the indictment and sources.

The businessman then allegedly pleaded, “I’m afraid we’re gonna get hit on it, and before, if we can send somebody over, we need the stone back. Is there any way, before he scams us if we can send somebody over?”

Beaudette allegedly said, “Ok, I’ll have [a sergeant] come over,” prompting an excited Reichberg to respond, “I really, really appreciate it, you’re always to the rescue.”

Harrington then returned an earlier call from Reichberg over the issue with the diamond – and later followed up with the businessman to tell him that Beaudette had finally gotten back the bauble, the indictment says.

The FBI questioned Beaudette, who told investigators that he repeatedly settled “diamond-related disputes for Reichberg,” according to court papers and sources.

Beaudette allegedly admitted that he did these favors because he was scared Reichberg would complain to his powerful police buddies — Harrington and former Chief of the Department Phil Banks.

The federal indictment unsealed Monday slapped Reichberg and four NYPD officials, including Harrington, with corruption charges.

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