Assassination Attempt and Arrests In Paris Case of Arnaud Mimran

PARIS – French police carried out an arrest operation Monday morning in the wake of an assassination attempt on Sunday night of one of the central figures in the case dubbed the “fraud of the century.”

The names of the suspects will not be released until after they see a judge, in accordance with French law. In that case, mastermind fraudster Arnaud Mimran was convicted along with two other accomplices.

The victim was not named, but legal sources told TOT that he is Dominique Gez, one of Mimran’s gambling partners.

He is being treated at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital’s ICU in south Paris. His life is still in danger.

Gez, described by police sources as a “con man linked to a Jewish crime family in France,” had driven his motorbike to Boulevard Flandrin in the 16th arrondissement in Paris when two unnamed people shot him with five bullets from close range.

They then got into a waiting car and fled the scene. Mimran and his accomplice Marco Mouly were known to meet often in that area.

Mimran was sentenced in July to eight years in prison and faces two other court cases.

Mouly fled France on the eve of his sentencing, and was holed up in Israel until a month ago, according to French sources. He was arrested November 18 in Geneva, most likely in the wake of information that the Israel Police had provided.

The arrest was reported in the Swiss press, the French police refuse to confirm or deny the report, as long as an extradition request has not been filed.

Mouly asserted in recorded conversations that Gez was connected to the assassination of Israeli gangster Sam Sweid, who was murdered in 2010 while parking his motorbike in Paris, a five minute drive from the site of Sunday night’s assassination attempt.

Sweid was in charge of planning the fraud until his murder, after which Mouly took over management of the operation.

On the evening of Sweid’s assassination, Gez was playing cards with Mouly, creating an alibi for both of them.

Although Mimran was convicted of steading 283 million euros, the police continue to investigate the case because the total amount stolen in the “fraud of the century” is valued at a billion euros.

Close associates of Sweid testified to the police that Mouly and his men stole from Sweid and owe money to his family.

Gez is one of these close associates.

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