Atlanta Gas Station Shootout

ATLANTA — Police are searching for a suspect after a Sunday shootout at an Atlanta gas station left a woman injured.

According to Atlanta Police, officers were called to a Texaco gas station on Lee Street around 8:30 p.m. for reports of gunfire.

Officers responded to find a woman who had been shot in the left shoulder. They transported her to the hospital in stable condition.

Police have conducted an initial investigation using surveillance video, which captured the entire incident as it unfolded.

In the video, a black Dodge Charger is seen parked near the front door of the gas station. As car’s owner walks out from inside the store, he is approached by an unknown suspect. The two exchange words as the suspect follows the car owner around the back of the car.

The exchange escalates until the suspect flashes a gun from his waistband. At that point, the car’s owner walks over to his front door and pulls out an AK pistol.

The car’s owner aims the gun at the man and appears to threaten the suspect, who had fallen to the ground. As the suspect gets up, he runs around the front of the car and opens fire on the other man.

At least four bullets strike the car’s windshield, and at least one hit the woman, who was sitting in the passenger seat of the car.

Police said the suspect got away in a red and black Mazda, though it was not clear what that model was.

Detectives are now working to get a description of the suspect and determine a motive.

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