Attorney: If Yaakov Teitel Were Arab, He’d Get More Privileges

Rehavia Filtz, the attorney for Yaakov Teitel, complained Wednesday that even though Teitel is serving two life sentences for his role in the deaths of several Arabs, other security prisoners serving multiple life sentences apparently were given more privileges and rights than his client received.

“When Arab security prisoners go on a hunger strike, they get more privileges, to the point that they can extract concessions even in the absence of actual hunger striking,” said Filtz.

His client, Teitel, has been seeking to meet with his children and wife, but his requests have been denied by the Prisons Service.

As a result, Teitel is in a hunger strike.

In a conversations with Arutz Sheva Thursday, Filtz decried what he said was a very unfair situation. “All we want is to allow Teitel’s children to meet with their father,” he said.

“The mother is taking care of five children, and the two younger ones who accompany their mother on the hour and a half bus ride but are not allowed to see their father. It is extremely unfair.”

Arab terrorists prisoners get additional privileges as well, such as television, phones, and of course family visits. And they were convicted of crimes worse than Teitel’s, said Filtz.

“But he is not looking for any of that – just for an opportunity to be with his small children.” Teitel, whom a court convicted for killing two Arabs in 1997, “deserves at least that much,” Filtz said.

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