Australian Minister Caught Up In Sleazy Massage Scam In NYC Hotel

A NSW politician got more than he paid for when two “very aggressive” men turned up to deliver a massage at his New York hotel room.

Kiama MP Gareth Ward, 36, was staying in the $500-a-night room at the InterContinental Hotel close to Times Square when a hotel massage left him embarrassed and scared for his life.

After ordering the massage online from an outside service, Mr Ward claims two “very aggressive” African-American men arrived at his room at 10.30pm offering sexual services.

When Mr Ward rejected their advances, the pair reportedly told the MP they were underage and started filming him on a mobile phone and demanding $1000 or they would post the footage online.

He told the ABC he had already removed some of his clothing ahead of their arrival.

“I mean, who doesn’t ask for a massage when they are on holiday? I know how it looks but I can assure you this is nothing short of ­attempted robbery,” Mr Ward told The Daily Telegraph.

Mr Ward said he was terrified and lured the men downstairs after saying he was going to an ATM to get the money.

“I was terrified, absolutely terrified. When I walked down to the lobby I ran straight over to the desk and they (the two men) bolted. I reported it straight to the police and told them the whole thing.”

Mr Ward, who has a form of albinism and is legally blind, was visiting New York on his way to a three-day conference in Nova Scotia, Canada, for disabled politicians.

While taxpayers paid for the flight, Mr Ward covered the cost of the New York hotel himself.

The rest of the trip was funded by the Nova Scotia House of Assembly.

He denies claims he ordered a “special massage” and said he requested a standard service.

He ordered one male masseuse and paid $US100 ($125) in advance.

New York Police are investigating.

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