Bello Sanchez Claims He Was Raped In Paris Bathroom & Cops Didn’t Investigate

Former America’s Next Top Model contestant Bello Sanchez is speaking out about an incident in Paris where he was allegedly raped.

The model told TMZ that he was sexually assaulted in the French capital and accused police of not coming to his aide after the ordeal.

In a confessional video Sanchez said a man attacked him in a bathroom stall at Le Rouge nightclub on January 30 and that when he approached police they did not ‘properly investigate’.

He also claims that authorities’ reluctance to help him was due to his race and sexuality.

In his revelation to the news site, the reality star questioned why the police were slow to properly vet the situation as soon as ‘they came when he called’.

‘Paris is really easy to find someone. All the buildings are the same colour,’ said Bello.

‘There’s not really a lot of places you can hide at. Why did they not look around in that moment as soon as they came when I told them? Why didn’t they do that? Why didn’t they ask questions to the security guards? They were of no help.’

The Cycle 22 contestant said that it wasn’t until 72 hours later that a ‘proper rape kit’ was issued only when ‘an advocacy group stepped in’ and they were on the phone with police for ‘nine hours.’

‘When we called, they [Paris police] were trying to blame it on me like, “Well, why did he [Bello] take that long to get a rape kit?”‘

‘It doesn’t matter, I want one now. Now I want one. How bout that? Give me the d*** rape kit.’

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