Bill Hemmer: Fox News Anchor Loses It After Obama G20 Speech

US President Barack Obama’s reaction to the terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday have come under some scrutiny from right-wing and conservative pundits.

In a press conference immediately after the attacks for example, some critics attacked him for not referring at all to the extremist Islamic ideology behind those believed to be responsible.

But it was the President’s speech at the G20 Summit in Turkey yesterday which proved too much for Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer, who issued this scathing indictment of Obama’s address, particularly of his use of the word “setback” to describe the attacks:

n his remarks from Paris, where he was reporting on the aftermath of the attacks by ISIS terrorists, a grim-faced, visibly irritated Hemmer began: “If you were waiting to hear a US President say, ‘I feel your pain’ or if you were waiting to hear a US President say, ‘It’s them or us,’ that is not what you just heard.”

“President Obama called the attacks here in Paris a ‘setback’ at one point,” he continued. “He was asked is it time to change his strategy – more or less he said no. ‘Have you underestimated the abilities of ISIS?’ More or less he said no. ‘Do you understand how to defeat ISIS?’ His response: ‘This is a variation of the same question.'”

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