Bombshell Letter Dropped At Trial Paints Bleak Picture For Embattled Ex-Pol Sheldon Silver

New York – A bombshell was dropped on ex-Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s defense team on Thursday when prosecutors produced a letter from a real estate firm at the heart of one of Silver’s alleged scams detailing in black and white the cut the ex-pol would receive from tax money earmarked for the public. reports that the bombshell came as witness Michael Hoenig—-who is the CFO for Glenwood Management, a real estate firm involved in illegal scheme—-was on the stand.

Prosecutors charge that Silver, along with lifelong friend and high-powered attorney Jay Arthur Goldberg, received kickbacks for Goldberg engineering reduced property assessments for Glenwood which resulted in substantial savings in property taxes.

As Hoenig was on the stand, prosecutor Andrew Goldstein produced a letter signed by Silver stating that a “division of fees will be made between Jay Arthur Goldberg, P.C., and Sheldon Silver, Esq.”

The prosecution then went on to detail how, after being referred to him by Silver, Goldberg axed millions of dollars from the value of Glenwood properties while funneling 25% of the windfall to the ex-Speaker.

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