Car Terror Attack Near Border Police Base In Jerusalem

ZAKA reported Friday morning that a rampage terror attack occurred a short time ago near the Border Patrol’s base in the Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood in Jerusalem.

A police statement clarified that the Arab terrorist attack was conducted in a private car that approached the base from Zaks Junction before going up on the sidewalk and running over five people, of whom four were from the security forces.

The suspect continued driving but was shot by forces stationed at the gate of the base, at which point he got out of the car with a knife apparently in his hand.

He was shot by officers and seriously wounded, after which he was evacuated to the hospital for medical treatment.

“A young man rammed his car (into pedestrians), and then got out and tried to stab people” before being shot and wounded by an armed security guard, police spokeswoman Luba Samri said in a statement.

“Four people were injured,” she added. Three policewomen were among the injured and listed in mild to moderate condition. The terrorist is listed in serious condition and is being treated at Hadassah Ein Kerem medical center.

Nahum Bernstein, deputy head of the Jerusalem branch of United Hatzalah, told Arutz Sheva about the incident minutes after report surfaced.

“When I arrived I came across two scenes of incidents: a motorcyclist who hit a truck which continued driving, and four other casualties from an incident in which a man was hit by a car and three women apparently stabbed at the entrance to the Border Police base,” he said. “I, along with other volunteers, gave first aid to the injured, and large squads of police are in the area investigating the incident at the scene.”

Hatzalah volunteer Dr. Aryeh Jaffe added, “United Hatzalah and all security and rescue personnel are unfortunately too well experienced in responding to these incidents, but this is in fact what helps save lives.”

Walla! News is listing the exact location of the incident as the intersection between Levi Eshkol and Bar-Lev, but this has not been confirmed.

It also states that the perpetrator was a resident of one of the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

The attack was carried out Friday as Jerusalem celebrates the Purim holiday, and as the streets are filled with children in costume.

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