Chuck Norris Praises Netanyahu In Anti-Obama Article

American action star Chuck Norris received warm wishes from all over the world this week for his 75th birthday. The well-wishers likely included Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as Norris is considered one of his biggest supporters in the United States.

This time, unlike in the previous elections, Norris did not release a video calling on Israel’s citizens to vote for Netanyahu, who he had defined as “the tough guy in the neighborhood”, but he did write a political article praising the prime minister’s Congress speech and slamming US President Barack Obama for giving him the cold shoulder.

“It is nothing short of despicable that a long-term ally to the US like Israel and its prime minister, Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu, received a cold shoulder from US President Barack Obama when he came to our country and delivered his speech to Congress a week ago,” Norris wrote in the WorldNetDaily (WND) website, which offers the perspective of US conservatives and the political right.

“The fact that he would rather give nuclear power to Iran than a handshake to Israel is proof that he is as clueless to Middle Eastern life and turmoil as a mouse is to the cheese in a mousetrap,” he added.

In the article, Norris discussed the situation in the Middle East and quoted the Christian Science Monitor news agency: “Largely overlooked in all the hubbub of Netanyahu’s speech to Congress about Iran this week is that Arab leaders pretty much agree with him.”

“Ignoring and rebuking your greatest ally in the Middle East during negotiations with the region’s historical evil empire isn’t foundational diplomacy; it’s folly that is aiding and abetting our foes and increasing Middle East instability,” he added.

“And now, Obama wants to help an anti-Israeli, jihad-proliferating Islamic stronghold like Iran to continue its uranium enrichment and produce more nuclear power in hope it might help with our war against the ISISI? There’s a greater chance a winter nor’easter will hit the gates of Hades!” he added.
He concluded his article with a Bible verse: “Let Americans, Israelis, and indeed all peoples always remember, as the Hebrew Scriptures say: ‘Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who love you’ (Psalm 122:1).”

The iconic action star has left his film career behind and is currently lending his name to the America right’s political causes and the National Rifle Association’s campaign, as well as advertisements for different healthcare products.

In a clip he posted online in order to thank his well-wishers on his birthday, he is seen flexing his muscles in front of the camera and demonstrating his excellent physical fitness at the age of 75:

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